What we stand for

Everything we do is to inspire people to open their eyes to the possibilities of the world. Our experiences remind our players that magic can be found in the everyday life. For that, we need to slow down and pay attention to the world around us.

The team


Lena Mech

Founder & Creative Director

Lena is the heart and brain of the company. Her love for cities and games is why she started this endeavour. During her life, Lena went through a lot of different professional disciplines – from history to theatre, to games, and now to entrepreneurship. Her goal has never changed though. No matter the means, she always wanted to spark the sense of wonder in people’s lives.

Gladys Greyl

Wonder Intern

Gladys is the wonder intern who has her hands in many aspects of the company. She creates the graphics, participates in the game and puzzle design and helps with marketing and overall branding of the company. Educated as an urban architect, she likes to merge games and scenography with the urban field, reaching for solutions that can engage and inspire people.

Patrick Jarnfelt

Producer & Game designer

Patrick is the producer and Lena’s right hand. Without his support Wonder Pug would have never seen the light of the day. He is taking care of the website and our online presence in general. Patrick is also an amazing game designer and he contributed with many puzzles and game ideas to our latest puzzle walk.