How it works

Choose a location and get your puzzle walk. You will get a package that contains the book, a letter with instructions and a pen. Don’t open the package before you are at the location.

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and meet them at the specific location that is written on the package. Open the package and let the adventure begin.

Read the letter first. Then open the puzzle walk book and follow the instructions. The book will guide you throughout the whole journey.

The journey consists of the following steps:


Read a story about your current location


Solve a puzzle (to solve it, you need to look around and find details on the things around you)


The answer to the puzzle will reveal your next location


Go to the next location

Don’t worry, we got you

You don’t need to remember all of this. You will always have all the instructions you need in the package.


What is a puzzle walk?

A puzzle walk is an immersive urban adventure that you go on with a group of friends, your family or your colleagues. During the walk, you solve site-specific puzzles, explore local areas of Copenhagen and discover untold stories. You don’t need any special skills. Only a book to guide your way.