Follow the trail of clues that will take you to places you’ve never been to.

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An escape room for the city

We bring puzzles and immersive narrative outside escape rooms, into the real world. With our self-guided puzzle walks you get to solve the puzzles while exploring interesting areas of Copenhagen.

Solve puzzles

Not only is it fun, but you get smarter by going on these adventures.

Site specific

Our puzzles are specifically designed for each location. In order to solve them, you have to find clues on the buildings, signs and other elements around the area.

Find magic

Explore everything and see the city in a new light.

The real Copenhagen

Here are no mermaids or castles. Get off the beaten path and explore the local parts of the city.


Each of our puzzle walks are rich with narrative. Embark on the mission and immerse yourself in the story.

Urban history and local stories

Here are no clichéd stories about kings and wars, but about the locals that live here and the history that matters.