2-4 players




1,5-2 hours / 1 km


Medium difficulty

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Wonderer’s Notebook

Imagine you found a notebook. Your curiosity doesn’t allow you to just return it. You want to know what is inside and who it belongs to. When you finally open it you realize that it was meant for you all along.

Set out on a journey around Kødbyen, the former Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. Uncover the stories of this peculiar area in Vesterbro where butchers say their hello to drunken at 6 in the morning. Explore the place where the past is still present while the future is already gone.

480 DKK

(per group of 2-4 players)

It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it in many different parts of town. I am not a classical tours type of person, so this was a new and exciting way of exploring the city. Emma

How it works

When you buy your puzzle walk book you will get a package with the book, a letter with instructions and a pen. You can either get it by post, or find it in our secret garden in the central Copenhagen.
Gather your friends, family or colleagues and meet them at the specific location that is written on the package. You can then open the package and let the adventure begin.
No worries, you will always have all the instructions you need with you.

What is a puzzle walk?

A puzzle walk is

an immersive urban adventure that you go on with a group of friends, family members or your colleagues. During the walk, you solve site-specific puzzles, explore local areas of Copenhagen and uncover untold stories.
You don’t need any special skills.
Only a book to guide your way.

Money back guarantee!

We want you to have a great time. If you are not happy with your puzzle walk, we will refund your payment even if you already started your experience. We offer the guarantee for up to 7 days after your purchase.